About Geospatial Extensions

Software “Extensions”

  • Custom or Packaged
  • Data-model independent

Developer Consultant

  • Magnolia River Services
  • Milsoft Utility Solutions
  • OneGIS (Acquired by Rolta)
  • SEDC / Futura


  • ESRI Business Partner
  • 2011 MultiSpeak Participating Vendor

Related Indirect Solutions

  • FlowGIS, FlowGIS Mobile, OutageMessenger
  • ScadaDB, UpnGIS


  • Export an ArcSDE geodatabase (GDB) to format suitable for ArcReader and ArcView
  • The ability to removing the geometric network in the destination featureclasses and other Geodatabase features.
  • The ability to Zip the exported GDB
  • Requires ArcGIS for Server license
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