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Extending GIS to the Marketing Department Builder Rebates at Central Alabama Electric Cooperative

Central Alabama Electric Cooperative (CAEC) was recently featured in an edition of Energy Currents Inc for the upgrade of its core GIS applications. Like many electric utilities, the initial investment of GIS was in the areas of Mapping and Staking. However, because of the foresight to acquire ESRI’s Small Utility Enterprise License Agreement (SU-ELA), it was cost effective to extend GIS technology into other areas of the utility, in this case, the marketing department.

The Opportunity

The marketing department of CAEC provided rebate incentives for builders to construct Touchstone Energy Homes. A solution was desired to automatically determine which lots were eligible for rebates and when rebate checks can be issued.Utilizing GIS in the solution was more feasible because of the ELA.

“The ELA made it cost effective to use GIS to solve the right problems without worrying about additional ESRI licenses. We can implement custom solutions in a cost effective manner to meet the unique needs of Central Alabama Electric Cooperative” said Scott Lee, Information Systems Manager at CAEC.

Geospatial Extensions, Inc

CAEC contracted Geospatial Extensions, an authorized ESRI Business Partner that specializes in GIS extensions and integrations, to develop the solution. “They offered CAEC an extensive knowledge base of the GIS industry and how it can be used to enhance applications we already had in place and those we are going to purchase.” Lee continued.
Graphically Indicate Eligible Lots
The solution developed, Rebate-EXT, graphically indicates lots that are not eligible for payment. Lots are ineligible based on several conditions including;
• A residential service is not connected
• A check has already issued
• Subdivision expired
• Allocated amount or number of lots exceeded
• Builder has been disqualified

No Checks for Ineligible Lots

When the user attempts to enter a check number for a lot that is not eligible, Rebate-EXT prevents the edit and tells the user.
Rebate Message

Creating Subdivisions

To create a subdivision, the GIS technician simply selects a group of lots and Rebate-EXT groups the lots into multiple subdivisions based on common attributes.

Quickly find Rebates

To make it easy to search for rebate lots, a “Rebate” tab was added to the ArcGIS find dialog. The tab allows the user to search for rebate lots by relevant fields like developer, subdivsion, lot and check number.

Interdepartmental Security

The Administrator has the capability to grant permissions to specific fields in the geodatabase based on the user’s login credentials. This functionality prevents the marketing personnel from accidentally deleting or moving the entire subdivision or from making accidental changes to the rebate lots.


CAEC completely changed their data model during the upgrade from ArcGIS 9.2 to ArcGIS 9.3.1. However, because Rebate-EXT was designed from the ground up to be configurable, the extension did not have to be rewritten. The new tables and fields simply had to be reassigned in the configuration dialog.

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