Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

In today’s world, the ability to obtain credit is almost paramount to financial survival. The ability to finance a home, vehicle or other property is sometimes dependent on the ability to borrow as prices for such things steadily grows. Unfortunately, the National Reporting Agencies many times report the information that is provided to them by creditors and collectors, called furnishers under the FCRA. Such information is many times incorrect and erroneous. In fact, even when consumers dispute this inaccurate information, the reporting agencies will often continue to report it as accurate. Hargis Law Office is committed to pursuing the reporting agencies and furnishers on behalf of its clients to require them to comply with the terms of the FCRA. If your credit is being adversely affected by such unlawful reporting and furnishing of credit information, whether because the reporting agencies are reporting erroneous information after a bankruptcy discharge, mortgage modification, mortgage servicing abuse or any other reason, HLO will provide a free consultation to determine a course of action to protect your credit and to help insure that only correct and accurate information is being reporting – first through the dispute process required by the FCRA and through litigation, if necessary.