Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)

The FDCPA was enacted by the United States Congress to combat harassing and unscrupulous debt collection activities that many debt collectors use to demoralize consumers. These practices are meant to break down the self-esteem of consumers to force or coax them into paying debts – many times debts that they do not even owe. Many collectors do not care who pays the debt or how it gets paid, just that they get paid for a debt that has been purchased from a collector at a fraction of the amount allegedly owed. Since its enactment, the State of Arkansas has also passed its own version of the FDCPA. Both of these statutes help protect consumers against practices that violate them without defining exactly what a harassing act is. In other words, the statutes leave open to interpretation what is harassing or oppressive and allow the Courts to decide what qualifies as a violation of the FDCPA. Hargis Law Office will zealously pursue the unscrupulous acts of debt collectors for its clients. Both the federal and state FDCPA laws allow for the recovery of damages for acts that violate both, and HLO will pursue its clients’ claims to recover the maximum amount allowed under the law. HLO offers a free consultation to help determine whether collection attempts qualify as violations under the federal and state FDCPA law.