Paul M. King

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Paul M. King

Paul M. King is a Managing Member of Hoole & King, L.C., having co-founded the firm in 1994. He was first admitted to practice law in October 1989. His practice includes many types of business and real estate transactions, advising clients on business organization, estate planning and probate issues, and litigation involving these types of matters.
His real estate practice has involved many aspects of both commercial and residential real property transactions, from the closing of single-home residential transactions, to complex commercial transactions, development and litigation. He has represented borrowers and both private and institutional lenders and has closed loans and transactions involving commercial property, residential and commercial condominiums and government-guaranteed loans and bond financing for large apartment projects. He has represented borrowers, lenders and lien holders in foreclosure actions. He was a licensed title insurance agent for approximately 20 years, closing many residential and commercial transactions, he has represented both plaintiff and defendant clients concerning title insurance company claims and agent defalcation.

Mr. King is the past chair of the Real Property Section of the Utah State Bar Association (2003-2004), having served as an officer of that section for 4 years. He has been a licensed real estate agent and a certified instructor with the Utah Division of Real Estate for real estate education, designing and teaching classes for real estate continuing education involving various matters of tax planning, asset protection and estate planning as they relate to real property. Mr. King has also served on the Utah Real Estate Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board for 5 years, being appointed there by Governor Leavitt in 2001, and is experienced in regulatory and legal issues involving real estate valuation and appraisers.

Mr. King is also past chair of the Business Law Section of the Utah State Bar Association (2007-2008), serving as an officer of that section for 4 years. His practice involves advising individuals and companies with respect to business organization and tax planning. He advises clients with respect to the purchase and sale of business interests, and the merger and acquisition of privately held companies. In addition, he has experience advising clients with respect to various aspects of business succession planning.

Mr. King’s estate planning and probate practice involves appearance before probate courts, complex probate litigation when necessary, and estate planning for various sizes and types of estates. His estate planning practice adopts a comprehensive approach, integrating all aspects of his business and real estate background for the benefit of the client in the process of planning and structuring their estates.

Mr. King lives in Holladay, Utah with his wife, Pamela Nilson, and enjoys spending time with their three children and lively grandchildren. He was a reserve Military Officer – Captain (ret.) – U.S. Army/Utah Army National Guard, serving from 1981 to 1991. He speaks Chinese (Mandarin).

Practice Areas

  • Estate planning and probate issues involve important, difficult areas of concern for our clients. With changing estate tax laws and regulations, our comprehensive approach becomes even more important and advantageous to our clients. Our extensive business and real estate experience adds depth and allows for comprehensive treatment of estate planning for our clients. Special needs of family members and other beneficiaries are addressed carefully, and estate management for the benefit of the principal grantors is addressed to anticipate potential incapacity of the principal grantors. Comprehensive estate planning involves much more than just avoiding probate. It is important to consider long-term management to assist estate beneficiaries, plan for individualized treatment of the benefeciaries’ special needs, and provide for seamless management during and after the grantors’ lifetimes, all with an eye to limiting conflict and litigation.
  • Estate Planning & Probate page (this is a new name for two existing practice areas, Wills and Trusts and Estate Planning and Probate. We want to combine these two pages under the name Estate Planning & Probate, with the following content:
  • When probate becomes necessary, we seek to efficiently address the needs of the estate and the client. When probate litigation arises, or when it is otherwise necessary, we strive to resolve matters efficiently and bring peace to the family and the estate as quickly as possible. We are experienced in the total range of probate, from simple informal probate to complex formal litigation. For questions concerning probate or estate planning issues, contact Paul M. King.”