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Experienced Business & Trial Lawyers

General and Complex Litigation

General Litigation

The attorneys and associated counsel at Fortis LLP have extensive experience in a broad array of litigation practice areas including business, real estate, civil appeals, patents, copyrights, trade secrets and trademark litigations. Our clients reach over major industries and sectors, including technology, optical communications, medical devices, financial services, energy industries, and consumer products. We work with clients from pre-litigation counseling through appeals to reach winning results that meet our clients’ business, economic, and social objectives.

We are committed to providing superior service to clients and is proud of the talent and diversity within our practice. Our practice is comprehensive and is recognized for expertise in handling complex business disputes and litigation. Our attorneys are creative, talented, results oriented, energetic, resourceful, efficient, experienced, technologically adept and aggressive. Our aim is to provide all clients with timely and cost-effective problem-solving assistance, whether that means pursuing an alternative dispute resolution or aggressively trying a case. We understand the need to achieve swift and efficient results.

Contract and Partnership Disputes

Fortis LLP’s litigators have vast and in-depth expertise in contract and partnership disputes involving real estate projects. This includes cases involving breach of purchase agreements, dissolution of partnerships and limited liability companies, lender and financing disputes, and fraud or other torts in connection with the sale or development of real estate.

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